May 1934

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Mama w/ Chick 1917

May 1 – Tuesday. This is a lovely May day. But it hasn’t rained for so long and the gardens need it so badly. Charles got a new radio last night. It’s lovely and he sure got it at a wonderful bargain. It’s a 9 tube Airline, used about 2 years. He got it for $ 12.50. It looks just like new. It was a $ 85.00 radio. We are all pleased with it. Jimmie and Teddy went out with their May baskets this evening. Mariella has just gone back to the nurse’s home. Ed is up town and Chas is out with the boys.

May 3 – Thursday. Ed’s birthday. Didn’t do anything special.  Mariella was home for dinner. Ed went to the Boiler shop and drew his pay. $ 15.22. I fixed a coat for Mrs. Golden, $ 0.75.

May 5 – Charles $ 2.00

May 10 – Boiler Shop $ 6.68

May 12. Saturday – Have been house cleaning all week. Washed and ironed Monday and Tuesday and cleaned upstairs Wednesday. Thursday I started the cleaning downstairs but it’s so dusty and dirty there is no use to wash and hang clean curtains or do any varnishing until it rains. We have had a regular dust storm all week. It hasn’t rained since April 1st and conditions are terrible. Everyone is concerned about it. It’s really becoming serious on account of the crops and gardens. The oldest residents here can’t remember of anytime when dust and drought was so bad. Ed has worked four days at the Boiler Shop this week so his next pay will be pretty good. Last Thursday night Mariella, Mrs. Heflin, Teddy and I went to the Operetta in which Jimmie took part. It was real cute. Friday night the little fellows and I went to Gene’s. He is hobbling around pretty good now. It has been six weeks  since he took down.

May 15 – Tuesday. Chas $ 2.00

May 17 – Thursday – Boiler Shop $ 17.98. Ed drew the biggest pay today he has got in ages. The Mission Union had the Annual May luncheon today at 12:30 – Mama and I went. It was nice but nothing elaborate. We haven’t had any rain yet. It terrible, so hot and dry. I have been finishing up my house cleaning. It looks nice. Fred got work in Chicago. He was to go to work last Wednesday. We haven’t heard from him since so don’t know how he likes his job.

May 19 – Saturday. Charles – $ 2.00. Ed and the two little kids and I went to town this evening. I bought a summer night gown, some undies and wash rags. The kids got awfully tired coming home.

May 20 – Sunday – Had the easiest Sunday I’ve had in years. Dinner wasn’t much trouble, nobody came and I just layed around and enjoyed a nice quiet Sunday. Still no rain.

May 21 – Monday – Ed went to work and got home after 2 o’clock. I washed and did a lot of my ironing. About 5:30 this evening it started raining and here at 10 it’s still at it. Just a nice, quiet rain. It’s swell.

May 25 – I have been working all week on Ed’s gray suit. Wednesday was group day. Teddy and I went. I took over my job of Treasurer and Mama is President. Ed has been polling the precinct. He has gone up to a meeting this evening to turn in his book. Thursday he drew his pay from the Boiler Shop. Jimmie passed into the 4th grade.

 Thursday May 24 – $ 2.48

May 28 – Monday. Wash day. Ironed in the afternoon, and in the evening we – Ed, Jim, Teddy, and I went to the Good Government Association meeting. Heard a talk by Tom Welch and then danced afterward. Had a swell time. They served Fraffe’ and wafers.

May 30 – Wednesday. Decoration day. I cooked all morning and slept all afternoon. Listened to F.D.R. talk at Gettysburg this p.m. The weather is terribly hot and dry.

May 31 – Thursday – Ed and I went up to Mama’s and moved her good bedroom furniture back downstairs. She has had it upstairs since Papa died. Boiler Shop pay day $ 3.10.

Total for May $ 52.21

Total to date for 1934 – $ 285.76


April 1934

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April 1 – Easter Sunday. Rainy day. Sun came out towards evening. Kids had Easter baskets. Jimmie and I colored eggs Saturday night. I was busy all morning in the kitchen. Made roast pork, dressing & gravy, potatoes, beet pickles, lime jello, lettuce, lemon and chocolate pie. I made an April Fools pie for dinner. Put cotton under the meringue and rubber in the chocolate. We had a lot of fun over it. I was home all day and nobody came except the young folks.

April 2 Monday. Nice day but I didn’t wash. I tied old blankets to make a rug. They look awfully pretty. They are green and red. I have been quilting on Mariella’s quilt. This is spring vacation. Jim got his eye hurt this afternoon playing with those long dead weeds.

April 3 – Tuesday. The last C.W.A. check came today $ 6.40 and last Saturday Chas paid his board March 31, $ 2.00. I put Mariella’s Star quilt in the frames on Wednesday before Easter. Then on Monday I dyed some old blankets and we have put another rug in the frames. Since that we haven’t done anything else or gone any place.

April 7 – Chick $ 2.00

April 14 – Chick $ 2.00. Ed’s garden is plowed and ready for the seed.

Monday April 16 – Chas took Ed up town early this morning got 100 pounds of seed potatoes. Ed cut them up while I was doing up the house work. Then we went over to the garden together – took Teddy – and we got them all put in today.

April 17, Tuesday. I quilted all day. Mrs. Florence Wells came over & we planned the refreshments for the April Group meeting.

April 18 – Wednesday. I went to the garden again today and helped Ed. We put in radishes, beets, carrots, and peas today. Ed has some onion sets and lettuce put in here at home. Now all we need is rain I guess. It stays awfully cold. We have to have a fire every day.

April 19 – Thursday – Quilted this morning and put in gladiola bulbs the afternoon. Mariella helped me. Bill Koach gave Chas the bulbs. Mamma came out this evening. She didn’t seem very well. She walked out and I took her home.

April 23 – Monday – I washed this morning and Ed was called in to work at the Boiler Shop this noon. That is the first Boiler work since last September 12. He was sure tired tonight. Chas $ 2.00.

April 24,  Tuesday. This morning I finished the quilting on Mariella’s quilt. This p.m. I will iron.

April 25 – Wednesday. Ed is still working at the Boiler Shop today. Teddy is sick. He put in a bad night. I went to the Group meeting this afternoon. We had a nice meeting. It was a pot luck dinner at 1 o’clock. I was on the committee. We served the coffee and dessert. We had strawberry short cake. It was regular election of officers. Mamma was chosen President and I was put in for Treasurer. Teddy was sick all day but I had to take him.

April 26,  Thursday. Ed and Jimmie have gone to the pot luck supper at the Good Government Association. Teddy was not so well, so he and I stayed home. He has swollen gland in his neck and fever, and is a pretty sick baby.

April 28, Saturday.  Chick $ 2.00. Ed has worked 3 ½ days at the Boiler Shop this week.

April 29, Sunday. Mariella was home all night last night. I went up to see Gene this afternoon and stopped past Mama’s.

April 30. Monday – Wash day. I took down all the upstairs curtains this morning and washed them. That is my first move toward spring house cleaning.

Total for April $ 18.40

Total for year $ 233.55

March 1934

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So far March is just about as March should be. Cold and windy. This is an awfully windy day. Ed has gone to work. We haven’t done anything special lately. Just stayed home and been busy most of the time. [No date was noted]

Saturday March 3 – C.W.A. $ 8.00, Chick $ 2.00. Henry County cut the wages of the C.W.A. workers to 40 cents an hour.

March 10. Saturday. C.W.A. $ 9.60

March 17  Saturday. C.W.A. $ 9.60, Chick $ 4.00

March 24  Saturday. C.W.A. $ 9.60

March 28. Ed got notice today that the C.W.A. work is done for this season. He will get his last pay Saturday. Monday night Charles went to a dance at the armory. When he was coming home he got in a wreck and got his Ford all torn up. He is trying to repair it but he feels pretty discouraged about it. I guess about everything is bent or broken. The other car got smashed up pretty bad too and Charles is having it fixed up. Chick $ 2.00. I helped Mrs. Heflin make a dress and she gave me $ 1.50.

March 31 – Saturday. C.W.A. $ 9.60.  Ed is working today and he worked yesterday and that finished up his C.W.A. He is setting out trees along the hard road these last 2 days.

 Total for March $ 55.90

 Total for year to date $ 215.15

February 1934

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Ed 1919

Monday February 5. My how the time goes. I haven’t written for so long I can’t remember just what has happened. Mariella and Charles have both been sick the past week. Charles seems better tonight. He was off from work. Thursday & Friday of last week worked Saturday but wasn’t really able to. He payed his board Wednesday, $ 2.00. Mariella and I went shopping together Thursday. She came home Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. and was through “Night Duty”. So she was home all day. I got some rose colored tapestry and covered the Morris chair. When we get it varnished it will look fine. Mama and Julia came out Saturday afternoon. Mama brought me out the lamp which Julia and I gave her years ago. Ed’s check came Saturday, $ 12.00. Sunday I went to see Edith. They got moved Friday. I washed today and Ed went to work. We got a surprise this morning. The government is sending meat, eggs, and butter to all C.W.A. workers. 6 lbs. bacon, 6 lbs. salt pork, 3 dozen fresh eggs, and 3 lbs. creamery butter. They say they will bring it every 2 weeks. Some donation, eh? Ed has gone to a meeting of the Good Government Association Committee tonight. It’s getting cold in the house so think I’ll go to bed.

Tuesday February 6 Chick $ 2.00

Wednesday February 7. Went to the Prayer meeting. Our group served coffee and cake. Mrs. Freed, Mrs. Dunn, Pearl Wells and I were the committee. Edith was here for dinner today.

Thursday February 8 – Cold today. Edith ate dinner with us again today. She is circulating petitions in this neighborhood to do away with the street cars and replace them with buses. Julia came in this evening about 5 o’clock. Ed has gone to the Good Government meeting tonight.

Friday February 9. I have been home all day and nobody has been in. Finished and framed the sampler I’ve been making for Mama. Ed won 5 pounds sugar last night at the Good Government meeting playing bunco. He worked today and almost froze. It was 2 below zero. They gave them their pay checks at work today. C.W.A. $ 12.00

February 13 – Tuesday Chick $ 2.00

February 17 Saturday C.W.A. $ 12.00

February 20 Tuesday morning. It’s been cold and we have just stayed in. Ed didn’t work since a week ago Monday until today and it’s so cold and windy I don’t know how they can stand it. It’s now 14 above but a windy bad day. In the last week I have just been working on my pillow cases and getting rags ready to hook another rug.

February 21 Wednesday. Chick $ 2.00. Washing today. It’s a nice day. Ed is working today.

February 23 Saturday  C.W.A. $ 12.00, Chick $ 2.00

Total for February $ 76.00

Total for 1934 so far $ 159.25    

Please note:  Thomas Jefferson often referred to the term good government. The Good Government Association in the 1930s were opposed to the New Deal. This group would be comparable to the modern day TEA party.