Effie 1922

Effie 1922

June 1 – Friday – I have been washing quilts and blankets for Julia today. Yesterday the temperature reached 104. The hottest it has ever been known to be in May. The grass is dead just like September. Ed put out over a hundred tomato plants last Monday and over half of them have died. Temperature now 105.

June 2 – Saturday – Temperature at 10 a.m. is  90 degrees on our front porch. Still no rain. It clouded up last night and lightening but didn’t rain. Julia and Mama came out. Julia gave me for washing $ 1.00.

June 3 – Sunday – Mariella stayed home all night last night. Went on duty at 1 o’clock this noon. Last night Chas paid up his 2 weeks $ 4.00 – and Ed got his pay for polling the precinct, $ 7.50. It rained a little this evening. Looked like we were going to get a good one but it didn’t amount to much. Saturday night I went uptown. I got sheeting, linen knickers for Jimmie & ankle sox. Straw hats for the two boys. Met Mariella uptown. We all got ice cream and came home. It’s still awfully hot. The temperature is running around 104-105 all the time.

June 4 – Monday – Sewed all day. Made my sheets and finished Mariella’s yellow print dress. Also fixed one for Lena H.

June 5 – Tuesday. Ed started working for the Taxpayers Association today. It will last until after the election June 19 – when we vote on the Municipal Light Plant question. I washed today. Chas sold his Ford yesterday. Got $ 18.00 for it. It sprinkled again last night. We get a lot of lightening and very little rain.

June 29 – Friday – It has been so long since I have written that I may leave out something. Ed was busy on the Municipal Election until the 19th. He worked awfully hard but we were defeated. Jimmie Andrews won out. Ed didn’t get any work at the shop all that time, but last Saturday the Taxpayers Association advanced him $ 5.00 which is the first to come into the house for ages. I did a little sewing for the Goldens, $ 1.75 – I haven’t taken anything from Chas except $ 1.00 for he has been fixing up the car, and it has been a big expense to him. Then last Wednesday Ed was called to work at the Boiler Shop and worked 3 days. They start working now at 6 a.m. & quit at 1:30 with ½ hour off at 10:00 for lunch. It’s sure a dizzy way to do. But yesterday June 28 – was payday – $ 12.78. He has been working all this week – 5 days.

June 30 – Saturday Ed got his pay from the Taxpayers Association today $ 46.00.

 Total for June $ 79.53

 Amount to date $ 364.99

Please note:  Ed was lucky to get payed from the Taxpayers Association & polling the precinct, as it was $ 58.50 in total. This was the majority of their income for this month.