August 1934

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Ed 1922

Ed 1922

August 4 – Chas $ 2.00

August 11 – Chas $ 2.00

August 14 – Ed heard there was a chance of getting the job of janitor in the Boiler Company office in Chicago. He went over to the shop and talked to Dickson about it. They gave him expense money ($ 10.00) and told him to investigate it. He went up early Wednesday morning 15th and came home Thursday night. The job didn’t pay enough to consider. A.B. Martin $ 5.00

August 18 Chas $ 2.00

August 25 Chas $ 2.00

August 27 – Ed went over to the Boiler office again this morning and Dickson told him he would try to find something for him to do.

August 30 – Ed went back to see Dickson again this morning and Dickson told him he had a job for him in the shipping department. He is to start Tuesday morning. We are all so happy about it.

Total August – $ 23.00.

Year up to date $ 437.09


Original Marriage License July 20, 1910

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As I have been posting Effie’s diary the past few months, I have been reading old newspaper clippings and wondered what her husband Ed’s original name was. Did it stand for Edward? Was it originally Ed? One way to find this out would be to look at their original Marriage License. Recently I had the opportunity to go to the County Clerk’s office for Henry County in Cambridge, Illinois. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they still had their original Marriage License dated July 20, 1910. When I looked at this document, all I thought about was that Effie and Ed stood in this courthouse almost 102 years ago to sign this document. Wow, 102 years ago. I obviously couldn’t take the original document, but did get a very nice clean, crisp copy. I was really surprised to find that Ed really stood for Edgar. I never would have guessed that!

On the back of the Marriage License, was a section called “Law in Relation to Marriages.” The first three sections I found to be very interesting and a bit funny. So I must share:

Section 1.  That marriages between parents and children, including grand-parents and grand-children, of every degree, between brothers and sisters of the half as well as the whole blood, between uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews, and between cousins of the first degree, are declared to be incestuous and void. This section shall extend to illegitimate as well as legitimate children and relations.

Section 2.  No insane person or idiot shall be capable of contracting marriage.

Section 3.  Male persons over the age of eighteen years, and females over the age of sixteen years, may contract and be joined in marriage.

July 1934

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July 1 – The weather was a little cooler and we took a sudden notion to go to the Fair in Chicago.  Mariella and Chas both got off for the day. It was a fine trip. We left Jimmie and Teddy with Mama. Bud Peterson went along. We left home about 2:30 a.m. and got in Chicago about 7.  Went out to Uncle John’s. They were still in bed. We visited with them until 8. That was 9 in Chicago Day light savings. We got to the Fairgrounds before the buildings opened and just looked around for awhile. It is an immense thing and we covered lots of ground and were well satisfied with the day. We left there about 4. All of us were tired. Got home 9:30.

July 2 – We all went about our business even though we were still awfully tired. Ed went to the shop and I washed. Mariella and Chas both went to their work.

July 4 – Nothing doing in Kewanee. Galva is celebrating. I made 3 pies and roasted beef. That’s all I’ve done all day. Jimmie and Teddy have had a lot of fun with their fire crackers.

July 5 – Thursday – Ed is working again today and Friday. He worked 5 days last week and so today he drew his pay $ 22.17. I went up town this p.m. and got shoes. Black ones. The first I have bought for over 2 years.

July 10 – Tuesday – Just got home from the hospital a little while ago. I went over with Ed, who has to have another operation. The right side didn’t hold, so Dr. White is going to fix it up again tomorrow. We are all just sick about it.

July 12 – Thursday. Boiler Shop $ 17.36

July 14 – Saturday. Charles $ 2.00

July 18Wednesday night – Just came home from the hospital. Here I haven’t written since Ed was operated on. He got along just fine. The spinal worked fine & he has looked so good all along. But tonight I feel “bluer” than anytime yet. I guess I was disappointed when I found they hadn’t taken the stitches out yet. Mariella has been home since Saturday noon on her vacation. She has gone to Wyoming with Virginia. Virginia was married while on her vacation and she has quit her training. Mariella went up town this morning and brought us each a dress. They are awfully pretty. Mrs. Fox is having a sale today. Mamma had her eyes tested this week and found out she has cataracts growing on them. That seems like just too much after all she has gone through.

July 19 – Thursday – Boiler Shop $ 3.57

July 21 – Saturday – Charles $ 2.00

July 24 – Tuesday – Ed got home from the hospital today. He seems in pretty good condition and gets around much better than when he came home the other time. There hasn’t been anything much to write about lately so I have neglected to keep my book up. Since Ed got home from the time has just drifted along. He has gained strength steadily and is now (in Sept) back to where he was before. There hasn’t been any income except Chas board money each week.

 July 28 –  $ 2.00

Total for July $ 49.10

Year to Date $ 414.09