Book coming soon!

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We are in the final stages of putting the book, Grandma Effie’s Great Depression Diary, together and it will be available sometime this month. More coming soon!

Hope you are excited as we are!

Mike Martin


September 1934

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September 1 – Saturday – Chas $ 2.00

September 3 – Monday – Labor Day and Jimmie’s birthday. He had a party this afternoon. There were seven boys here. They had a lot of fun. We served green and yellow jello, popcorn balls and birthday cake – (green with yellow candles) and cocoa. He was nine years old.

September 4 – Tuesday – School started today and Ed started his new job today. I’m anxious to know what his new duties are.

September 7 – Friday morning – Ed has now worked 3 days at new job and he likes it fine. He is filling orders ready for shipment. It is not hard work, but he is on his feet all day and not being used to that, it makes him awfully tired. He says it will be a swell job when he gets used to it. I went to Mama’s to a committee meeting yesterday. We are planning a coffee and pie social for next Thursday night.

September 8 – Saturday – Chas $ 2.00

September 13 – Thursday – Ed drew him first pay on his new Boiler Shop job today, $ 20.00. He has worked steady these 2 weeks since he started.

September 14 – Friday – We had our coffee social at the church last night. Our program went off kind of “dizzy.” But it was a nice affair. The pies were all lovely. We made $ 10.90. Chas is working on the cars. He says it’s going to run when he gets through with it this time.

September 15 – Saturday – We have had lots of rain all week, and it has turned cold. Had a fire in the heater last night. Ed went up town after supper and brought home the groceries. Mariella and Francis were here until 10:30. Then they went to the Parkside to dance. Mariella will sleep at home tonight. Ed brought home some fish and pickles to fry for a bedtime lunch. Chas is here to eat with us. He paid his board tonight. $ 2.00

September 16 – Sunday – Nice day. Jimmie went to Sunday school. I have been home all day, just cooking and reading. Had fire again this evening.

September 17 – Monday – Wash day. I washed blankets and a lot of stuff today. Think I’ll start house cleaning soon. Chas expects to get the car home this evening. I hope so for we miss it so much.

September 19 – Wednesday. Uncle Bill and Maggie have been here this p.m. They drove over from Peoria just for the afternoon. We have had a nice visit. Uncle Bill went over to the shop to see Ed.

September 20 – Thursday – Pay Day – $ 20.00. Teddy and I went to see Mama’s exhibit of C.W.E.S. work at the Y community building. It looked awfully pretty. I took my blanket rug.

September 21 – Friday – Rained all day again today. I cleaned the kitchen. Washed the wood work and patched the bad places in the wallpaper.

September 22 – Saturday – Ed got up at 8:30 this morning and went to Chicago with the “Film Truck” to see Fred in the hospital.

September 27 – Thursday – Chick – $ 1.00

It has been another cold rainy week. Tuesday was a nice day and I washed. Wednesday morning Mrs. Sterling and I visited the Group members and left tickets for them to sell for our Old Plantation Social to be held next Tuesday. Chas brought home a pint of whipping cream, so I made a cake last night.  Mariella & Peterson (nurse) came in last night and I passed the cake.

September 29 – Thursday Pay Day $ 20.00

September 30 – Sunday – This is Mariella’s 21st birthday. She was home all night, and went back on duty at 1 o’clock this p.m. She had a very happy day. We gave her a parasol, Chic gave her a box of confections – Francis gave her a dollar. We had a chicken dinner and a birthday cake with 21 candles. Francis ate dinner with us. Chic has gone to Geneseo tonight. Jimmie went to Sunday school today and was promoted to the Junior Department. He was given a bible.

Total for September $ 67.00

 Total for year to date $ 504.09