Book Available at Hog Days!

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Well, after many revisions, it is now in the hands of the printer. We should have the book in our hands by August 31st.  We are looking forward to sharing Effie’s story with everyone. We will be selling the book on Saturday morning, September 1st, in Kewanee outside the Boss Building (across from the Library). Every Labor Day Weekend, Kewanee has a celebration called “Hog Days”. The book will also be available at the Kewanee Historical Society, which is located in downtown Kewanee. Please stop by to see us and let us know your Great Depression stories.

Mike Martin & Jane Reinhardt-Martin


November 1934

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November 1 Thursday – Boiler Pay day $ 20.00. Starting last Monday the Boiler Shop went on a 7 hour day. They now go to work at 8 o’clock in the morning.

November 3 Saturday. Mariella and Francis went to the football game at “Illinois”. It has been a miserable day. But they got back safely and had a wonderful time at the game.

November 4 – Sunday. Another rainy day. I have just stayed home and cooked today. Bill Koch gave us some wild ducks and were they good! Yum – yum. Gene came in this afternoon and Virginia & Herb were here also.

November 6 – Tuesday. Election Day. Ed didn’t work at the shop today. It was closed for election. This morning he took out the screens, and then went to town and got new glass for 5 windows, came home and put them in. It has been a beautiful day. Mariella went to the polls with us today and cast her first vote. Chas paid his board yesterday, $ 2.00. I washed yesterday and ironed this morning. It has been so warm today. I have let the fire go out.

November 10 – Saturday – Ed drew his pay Thursday. It was the first pay on the 35 hour week. He worked one hour overtime which made it $ 18.00. We have been having our Oriental Bazaar this week. I don’t think we will make much on it. Ed went to Chicago again today to see Fred. I went to town this p.m. and got the supplies. Also got Jimmie a sheeplined leatherette jacket and Teddy a “goggle cap.”

November 12 – Tuesday – I washed today yesterday we were busy packing and sending back the good which we didn’t sell at the Bazaar. We sold over $ 60.00 worth of stuff and made $ 12.00 after all expenses were taken out. Not so good as we hoped to do. I am going to town with Mariella after while to see about her new glasses.

November 14 – Wednesday – Chas $ 2.00

November 15 – Thursday Boiler pay day $ 14.00. I have been painting the kitchen oil cloth floor today. Green – the greenest green you ever saw. Painted the kitchen chairs ivory. I think it will look pretty good when it’s all done and set in place again. Ed and I are going out after while for some sandwiches and beer.

November 22 – Thursday – Boiler Pay Day $ 14.00, Chas – $ 2.00

It has rained all week. Just did my washing today. Our group met at Mrs. Fred’s yesterday. It was a 1 o’clock luncheon. It was sure a swell spread and we had a good meeting. Mama, Mrs. Bowen & I and Florence Wells will have the next meeting, the Christmas party at Mama’s house.

November 25 – Sunday – Gene’s & Edith’s 20th anniversary. They had all the family there for 6 o’clock oyster stew. Mariella and Chas were both able to go with us as their supper hours happened to be OK.

November 26 – Monday – Rained again today, so I didn’t wash. It has rained lots in the last 2 weeks. Julia came out tonight and bought a dress and coat for me to fix.

November 28 – Wednesday – Boiler Pay Day $ 17.50,  Charles $ 2.00

Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving. We will stay home and are not inviting anyone here this time. This evening I dressed a chicken, made a cake and two pies.

 November total $ 91.50.

 Year to date $ 685.59.