October 2 – Tuesday – Chas $ 2.00

October 4 – Thursday Boiler Pay Day $ 20.00

October 7 – Sunday – Charles $ 2.00

October 11 – Thursday Boiler Pay Day $ 20.00

October 17 – Wednesday Chas $ 2.00

October 18 – Thursday Boiler Pay Day $ 20.00. Last Sunday we went to Peoria for the day. We left home at 9:30 and got over there about 11:30. Uncle Bill and Maggie were looking for us. We had a dandy visit with them and a wonderful dinner. We had to drive slowly for the car has just been overhauled, but we enjoyed it anyway, for Charles has just had a radio installed in the car and its fine. On the way home we listened to Wayne King’s program and Eddie Cantor. We left there about 5 o’clock and got home at 7:40. We also got our new bed set up this week. It’s a beauty.

October 20 – Saturday – Charles $ 2.00

October 25 – Thursday Pay Day $ 20.00

October 27 – Saturday – Chas $ 2.00

October 28 – Sunday – Julia and Mr. B. came out last night. They brought fish and we had a fish fry, and was it good! We had fried fish, fried potatoes, celery, dill pickles, cabbage slaw, cinnamon apples, cracked wheat bread, ginger bread with whipped cream, and coffee. We sure enjoyed it. They left about midnight. Mariella and Francis came home from a show about the time it was ready so they fixed plates. Ed ordered a suit from Halline Saturday. Chas went with him. He will get it sometime before Thanksgiving.

October 31 – Wednesday. This is Halloween and we are going uptown tonight to see the parade. I went to town this morning and got Jimmie some winter underwear, 2 pair of stocking for each of the kids and supporters.

Total for October $ 90.00

For year to date $ 594.09